Why A Chaise Longue Is Suitable For Any Home

Why A Chaise Longue Is Suitable For Any Home

Call it a chaise longue, a chaise lounge, a chassy longey or a fainting couch this is a piece of furniture that can pretty much work in any room in your house. Whether you live in a stately home or a studio flat, our selection of hand-crafted chaise longues can add a touch of grace and elegance to any interior. Our chaise longues can even make the bathroom look stylish if you have the space for one and they look fabulous at the end of the bed. As well as being beautiful and well-made, our comfortable chaises are most useful for lounging about on, reading on, or even just feeling poorly and watching daytime television on.


If your taste is on the traditional side why not take a look at the Classic Chaise Longue with its timeless lines? Or for the more contemporary interior why not try either our Modern or Linear Chaise Longues? With their sleek shapes these versatile chaise longues will add a bespoke touch to your home, and with a 15-year frame warranty, will stand up to the tests of time.


There are few items of furniture with so many variations on the spelling and pronunciation of its name.  Whatever you decide to call it, your chaise longue is a thing of beauty and is totally individual.


All our pieces are available for customisation in the fabric and finish of your choice. Each chaise longue is carefully handmade by skilled craftsmen in our Yorkshire factory. All of our handmade frames are sustainably sourced European beech hardwood, and did we say come with a 15 year guarantee.

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