The Perfect Chaise Longue for Summer

The Perfect Chaise Longue for Summer

There’s no greater feeling, obviously, than doing away with the old and introducing the new in time for summer, so what would be the best chaise lounge for the summertime?

Perfect as a day bed, to recline whilst having a night in or to be utilised as a bed, the chaise longue is hugely versatile - if it is put in a bedroom, living room, conservatory or otherwise. Transform your home into a true comfort zone with you from our stunning collection and you will reap the benefits.

We have rounded up some of our favourites, so you can rest easy knowing the ideal summer chaise is just a click away!

Modern Chaise Longue
The Modern Chaise is in Sanderson’s Dandelion Clock fabric with oak splayed legs.

While the chaise lounge is a traditional piece of furniture, the modern chaise can be very contemporary. Where you set your contemporary chaise lounge is dependent upon the setup of your living space, they seem to fit best in a bedroom, living room or study, offering you the choice to lie down on something aside from a bed or sofa.

Antique Chaise Longue
The Small Antique Style Chaise is in a 3D printed Butterfly Parade by Christian Lacroix from Designers Guild Fabrics.

Antique Style Chaise Lounge are perfect for the quaint French antique inspired bedroom or living room, they create an elegant focal point in any room, along with providing indulgent comfort.

All our chaise lounges are bespoke made from scratch with the best materials from around the United Kingdom, all crafted right here in Yorkshire.