Where should I put a chaise longue?

Where should I put a chaise longue?

Where should I put a chaise longue?

By Lewis Simpson

So, you’re thinking of buying a chaise longue with The Chaise Longue Company and you’re wondering where the best place to put your new piece is. Do you put it in your living room? How about in the conservatory? Or maybe it would look great in the study? The truth is these beautiful pieces of furniture look great anywhere in the home, and this article will hopefully help you figure out what the best option is for you.


1) In a bay window
In many ways, a bay window seems like it was designed to accommodate a beautiful chaise longue. The elegant space perfectly frames the piece in the natural sunlight and calls for you to sit, stretch out and relax whilst watching the outside world. We always say here at The Chaise Longue Co, a chaise is absolutely perfect for those awkward spaces in a home. Don’t worry about the size of your bay window space, because with our bespoke service you can simply say the word and we will build your piece to accommodate any specific size. So, if you have a bay window in your home beckoning to be furnished, a bespoke chaise is the ideal choice.


2) In the conservatory
If you have a conservatory at home, you know that the furniture within can make or break the style and functionality of this fantastic space. We all want to utilise our conservatories as often as possible, especially in the summer months, but this becomes more of a task than a luxury when you’re cramped on to uncomfortable furniture in an uninviting space. A chaise longue can change all of this.
No more worrying about style and comfort as you stretch out in the warmth of the sun. Perhaps you could position the piece in the corner of the room for added style, or maybe even make it the star piece of the show and centre your décor around your new bespoke chaise. Whichever way you decide, this is a great way to utilise an often-forgotten space with the added bonus of a perfect place to catch a relaxing nap in the glow of the sun.


3) In front of the TV
Fancy watching your favourite programme or movie in the most comfort you could imagine? Look no further than a chaise longue. Why take up the space in your living room with a big clunky recliner when you can achieve even more comfort, and take up less space, with a beautiful bespoke chaise? It’s a great way to relax and unwind after long day and have your room look amazing with additional seating.
Don’t worry about your new piece clashing with your current sofa or chairs, as we at The Chaise Longue Co offer thousands of fabric options for you to choose from so you will find the ideal match. If you want your new piece to match perfectly, you can even provide us with the fabric you want your chaise made in and we can build the perfect match for you.


4) At the foot of the bed
A popular place to put a chaise longue in by the foot of the bed. This is a fantastic utilisation of space and an amazing way to add some flare to a bedroom. Many people use this as a perfect place to sit back and relax. The perfect style for the bedroom would be something classic or antique to really keep to the comforting aesthetic and compliment the stylisation of the bedroom.


5) A guest seating arrangement
Are you the type to host guests often? Perhaps you’re looking to update your furnishings to accommodate your guests more comfortably, and also thoroughly impress them too? A chaise would be perfect for your new seating arrangement. Whether this new seating arrangement is in your living room, or possibly even a room of its own, a bespoke chaise would add a brilliant new style. Think about possibly pairing it with a matching sofa or chairs, a nice large rug with a side table, and a stylish tall lamp for the extra cosy feel your guests would love.

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