New Atelier fabric from Style Library

New Atelier fabric from Style Library

Looking for a chaise longue to make a statment?

Looking for a chaise longue as a statement piece? Check out these stunning bold prints from Harlequin Fabrics now available for use on our bespoke chaises, sofas and chairs.  

With its name meaning ‘studio’ Harlequin Atelier is a fabulous collection of eight prints inspired by the techniques used in mid-century pottery studios. A variety of shapes combine with stylish colours and painted glaze effects to create a compendium of statement designs.

Glamourous yet considered, Atelier shares its studio style with a 1970’s fashion vibe, as oversized foliage and flamboyant geo patterns sit alongside the textures and brush marks created by traditional ceramic painting methods.


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Jim Dickens Milongos

Jim Dickens Milongos

Have a chaise in Milongos fabric

The Chaise Longue Co is pleased to announce we now supply Jim Dickens fabric for upholstery of our furniture.  This collection of chunky chenilles has been stone-washed, leaving it super soft to the touch and wonderfully tactile. 


Jim Dickens takes its name from one James G. Dickens, born 1901, the maternal grandfather of our company’s founder, who served to inspire in his grandson a lifelong fascination in all things textile and design. James set out as an upholsterer in the Black Country, mastering the techniques and skills of the craft before leaving the Midlands in 1931 for life in London. Here, he pursued a career in the textile industry working as a Fabric & Passementerie agent for the Art Textile Co. of Featherstone St, amongst many others.

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