Why Sustainable Furniture is best?

Why Sustainable Furniture is best?

Benefits of Sustainable Furniture

by Lewis Simpson


The Chaise Longue Company is proud to say that we use sustainable wood to produce our beautiful hand-crafted furniture.

We want everyone from all walks of life to be proud to own one of our pieces, so we ensured that all of our top quality frames are constructed using solid European hardwood that is sourced using sustainable practices. These sustainable practises aim to beat deforestation by planting new trees at a faster rate than trees are removed, ensuring that forests are continually able to regrow and are kept healthy to protect the wildlife that inhabits them. The environmentally conscious consumer can rest easy knowing our furniture is ethically sourced and eco-friendly.


To us, investing in sustainable practises just made sense. Every single one of our bespoke pieces, whether it be a Small Classic Chaise, a Large Modern Sofa or even an Antique Footstool is constructed using solid hardwood and other natural materials. By utilising sustainable practises and bespoke production we help to limit our carbon footprint, this is a great step towards helping us live in an unpolluted and healthy environment.


Non-profit organisation Mongabay estimates that 15.3 Billion trees are chopped down each year, whilst only 5 Billion are replanted! This statistic is shocking and means that the Earth could lose all of its trees in just 300 years. We realise that something needs to change to fix this, companies big and small must commit to sustainable practises to reverse this ecological damage. We’re proud to be one of those who have taken the first steps.

Unlike many other furniture companies, who mass produce furniture using unsustainable wood, it is our aim to help accelerate and promote sustainable practises in our industry. By utilising ethically sourced, sustainable wood we not only increase the quality and lifespan of our furniture, but we also play a part in benefitting the environment.


We at the Chaise Longue Company take pride in being part of the solution, not part of the problem. By investing in our sustainable bespoke furniture, you are helping to decrease your carbon footprint and keep the environment healthy, whilst avoiding mass-production along the way. So what’s stopping you?

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