Wemyss Etiva Fabric for Chaise Longues

Wemyss Etiva Fabric for Chaise Longues

Another fantastic fabric, newly available on all Chaise Longue Co products is Etiva from Wemyss Fabrics.  A chic heavily textured plain weave with FibreGuard stain repellent technology, and is available in a pallete of 30 colours. 


Proven both stain-resistant and long-lasting, FibreGuard fabrics are engineered to perform.

FibreGuard is the result of many years of research and testing by interior designers and textile engineers. Their focus  is to be ‘life-friendly’: offering fabrics ready to stand up to anything daily life can throw at them.

They have  taken the rigours of home life as well as the workweek into account, and promise that FibreGuard fabrics are ready for anything your pets, children and coworkers can think up.


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More Fabrics Added to The Chaise Longue Co Website

More Fabrics Added to The Chaise Longue Co Website

The Chaise Longue Co have now uploaded the Aurora Collection from Wemyss Fabrics to our website, so get your free samples ordered today.

 This is a collection of sophisticated semi plain and patterned velvets which Incorporate FibreGuard Technology meaning it resists the toughest of stains, including red wine and ballpoint pen.

FibreGuard combines the latest stain free technology with high quality and stylish home furnishing textiles to ensure long lasting, low maintenance easy to clean fabric. Easily remove common stains such as mud, chocolate, pen, coffee, ketchup, red wine and much more…

You can remove stains with mostly water. When required use household soap to remove stubborn stains. FibreGuard is a high quality, durable and stylish fabric that’s child and pet friendly.


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