4 Reasons to Buy Your Chaise Lounge Online

4 Reasons to Buy Your Chaise Lounge Online

4 Reasons to Buy Your Chaise Lounge Online 

Your furniture is the main features of your home and it is an amazing feeling when you find the perfect piece. Something with the ideal fabric, colour, shape and size can be a great statement of your personality, however finding this perfect piece is easier said than done.

Whilst shopping in-store is the most popular way for most to browse furniture, we all know how much of a tiresome task this can be. Heading online isn’t the initial idea that enters your mind, however there are so many benefits to choosing the pain-free online process for your next piece and here are just a few!


1. No Need to Leave the House

Physically shopping for furniture can be tiresome and inconvenient, but many people swear by it as the best way to buy furniture thanks to the ability to see and feel the pieces before you buy. This, however, is not always a benefit and is actually one of the biggest problems people run into, as when the piece finally arrives at their home it doesn’t look or feel the same. It is next to impossible to fully visualize the piece in your home.

When you shop online, there is no need to leave the house. Let’s face it, it is so much more convenient! When you’re online, you can browse anytime from the comfort of your home. Not only does this save you the time traveling to and from each store, but almost every online store will have a detailed list of measurements. This makes it so much easier for you to quickly measure your ideal space to imagine how it will fit.

2. Service, Not a Sales Pitch

As previously stated, shopping in-store can be good for seeing and feeling exactly what you are buying before you take the plunge, but this environment is rife with sales traps. We have all been to a furniture store and felt pressured into buying something that we don’t really want simply because the salesperson convinced us to. Shopping can be a stressful and often hostile environment that many of us fear when it comes time to enter a shop.

On the other hand, shopping for furniture online allows you to easily browse hundreds of stores and thousands of pieces at your own leisure without salespeople forcing suggestions upon you. You will receive excellent service without the sales pitch. However, if you feel that you do need assistance at any point, don’t fear, we at The Chaise Longue Company have excellent support services on our website for you to contact at any time.

3. More to Choose From

Finally, purchasing furniture on the web means that you have access to a much larger range of items to choose from compared to visiting a high street or retail park.

Buying furniture in-store limits what pieces you can find and you may have to visit dozens of stores to find anything close to that perfect piece you have been dreaming of. Buying your furniture online not only means that you have a much larger range of items to choose from, but also provides room for so much more customisation. In store furniture is often mass-produced, boxed up and lacks any unique personality.

Here at The Chaise Longue Company, we offer fully bespoke furniture where you can choose any size, style, fabric, colour and even your own legs and buttoning! If you were looking for something truly unique, we can even upholster your piece in your own provided fabric.

So, if you’re looking for something specific, unique and a little more you, you’ve got a much better chance of finding exactly what you want online.

4. Save Time and Money

Not having to drag themselves to every retail park and furniture shop in town has to be a bonus; online shoppers get the luxury of saving the considerable amount of time that it can take trying to find that perfect piece.

The same goes for your wallet too! As more and more brands go “online-only,” without that expensive shop to maintain, online furniture makers can often provide better offers than their high street competitors.

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Wemyss Riga Fabric at Chaise Longue Co

Wemyss Riga Fabric at Chaise Longue Co

Wemyss Riga Velvet

The Chaise Longue Company are pleased to announce the new Wemyss Riga fabric is now available on our website and for upholstery in all our chaise lounges, sofas and chairs.  If you are looking for a fabric chaise longue or a velvet chaise longue, Riga could be the answer!

The new Riga fabric from Wemyss is a rich and sumptuous velvet. Available in a versatile palette of 31 colours ranging from rich jewel tones to sophisticated neutrals, Riga is suitable for all applications. Incorporating FibreGuard technology, an advanced finish that helps protect against spills and stains without having to resort to specialist cleaning.

Extra Large Chaise Lounge (antique style) in Riga Medal


Large Chaise Lounge (antique style) in Riga Jungle


Extra Large Chaise Lounge (antique style) in Riga Spruce




Find out how to get your individual chaise, sofa or chair.

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Why A Chaise Longue Is Suitable For Any Home

Why A Chaise Longue Is Suitable For Any Home

Enhance Your Interior with a Stunning Chaise Longue

A chaise longue, also known as a chaise lounge, a chassy longey, or even a fainting couch, is a versatile piece of furniture that can seamlessly fit into any room of your house. Whether you reside in a grand manor or a compact studio flat, our exquisite collection of meticulously hand-crafted chaise longues is guaranteed to infuse a touch of grace and elegance into your interior. Surprisingly, these chaise longues can even transform your bathroom into a stylish space, provided you have the room for one. Moreover, they make a fabulous addition to the foot of your bed. Not only are our chaise longues visually appealing and meticulously crafted, but they also offer utmost comfort, making them perfect for lounging, reading, or simply indulging in a little daytime television.


Discover Timeless Beauty with Custom Chaise Longues

If your taste leans towards the traditional, we invite you to explore our Classic Chaise Longue, boasting timeless lines and enduring charm. On the other hand, for those with a more contemporary interior, our Modern or Linear Chaise Longues are ideal choices. With their sleek and distinctive shapes, these versatile chaise longues will infuse your home with a bespoke touch. Rest assured, our chaise longues come with a 15-year frame warranty, ensuring their durability and longevity.


Unleash the Beauty of Individuality

The spelling and pronunciation of the term “chaise longue” may vary, but what remains constant is the beauty and uniqueness that this piece of furniture brings to your space. Regardless of the name you prefer, your chaise longue will undoubtedly be a captivating addition to your interior.


Customisation Options to Suit Your Style

At our company, we offer complete customisation of our pieces to cater to your personal preferences. You have the freedom to choose the fabric and finish that perfectly align with your style and taste. Each chaise longue is meticulously handmade by our skilled craftsmen at our Yorkshire factory. We take pride in using sustainably sourced European beech hardwood for all our handmade frames. Additionally, our chaise longues come with a 15-year guarantee, providing you with peace of mind and assurance of their exceptional quality.


Create Your Perfect Chaise Longue Today

Indulge in the luxury of a bespoke chaise lounge that effortlessly combines style, comfort, and durability. Let us assist you in creating the chaise longue of your dreams, tailored to your unique preferences and requirements. Transform your living space with our exceptional collection and experience the epitome of sophistication and relaxation.

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History of the chaise longue

History of the chaise longue

Chaise Longues: The History

A chaise longue is an upholstered chair on which you can lay back and recline allowing you to put your feet up. Unlike a daybed, which is manufactured to be used as both a sofa-like seat and a bed, a chaise lounge is not designed for sleeping but for lounging. The Merriam-Webster English dictionary describes a chaise longue as “a long reclining chair”. The Cambridge Dictionary describes one as “a long, low seat, with an arm at one side and usually a low back along half of its length, that a person can stretch out his or her legs on”


Where does the word Chaise Longue come from?

Chaise longue is pronounced “shez long”, the literal English translation from French being “long chair”.

Chaise Longue or Chaise Lounge?

More recently the chaise longue has become known by, and mispronounced as chaise lounge in most English-speaking countries. A combination of “chair” in French and the verb “lounge” in English, became “chaise lounge”.  Due to constant incorrect spelling either pronunciations are accepted as being correct.

Other spellings used include chez longue, chez lounge and shez long and chasis long.

The Chaise Longue in Ancient Egypt

From excavations of ancient Egyptian tombs, archaeologists believe the long chairs found there are the earliest historical examples of the chaise longue, dating back to around 3000BC. For the affluent, the frame would be constructed in wood and inlaid in either ivory or ebony veneer.

The Chaise Longue in Ancient Greece

In the 8th Century BC the Ancient Greeks were known to have made chaises called kline or klinai.  These would have been made from either metal or wood, be covered in layers of fabric and have cushions against the arm for comfort.

The Chaise Longue during the Roman Empire

Just like the Greeks, the Romans loved a chaise loungeto lay on and socialise. A Roman chaise lounge was known as a lectus and was actually used for both sitting and sleeping on. As the Romans, however, hadn’t mastered upholstery the lectus would be carved in wood and draped with fabric and cushions for comfort.

The Modern Chaise Longue

The modern chaise lounge that we are more commonly accustomed to was first popularised during the 16th Century in France. They were specifically designed by French furniture craftsmen for the rich to lounge and rest, without the need to retire to the bedroom. It was during the Rococo period (late 17th to early 18th Century), that the chaise longue became a symbol of social status and only the rarest and most expensive materials where used in their construction.

Today, the chaise longue is seen as a luxury item for the modern home. They are often used to complement a home’s décor such as living or reading rooms, or as a stylish boudoir chair for bedroom seating and somewhere to sit while putting your shoes on.


Here at The Chaise Longue Company we have combined traditional British upholstery techniques with time proven designs to create our excusive range of handcrafted individual chaise longues.  

By Jon Peacock

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