Product Showcase: Linear Chaise Longue

Product Showcase: Linear Chaise Longue

The Linear Chaise Longue

If you’re looking for something a little more contemporary than our classic or modern chaise longues, it may be worth considering the Linear chaise lounge. Our new Linear chaise complements the modern interior with its sleek modern lines and low arm. In addition to its good looks, we only use sustainable hardwood frames and steel-sprung seats, ensuring years of lasting comfort. With the option of over 2000 fabrics to choose from, The Chaise Longue Company has you completely covered, ensuring your made-to-order chaise lounge is just right!


Linear Chaise Longue in Velour Hunter

The below piece is a left handed large Linear chaise longue in Prestigious Textiles Velour Hunter fabric with teak legs.  

Velour_Huner_Chaise_Longue_2.png       Velour_Hunter_Chaise_Longue_3.png

Linear Chaise Lounge in Crest Shelly Deluca Leather

The below Linear chaise longue os shown as a right handed medium Linear Chaise in the beautiful Crest Shelly leather in Deluca. 


Established in 2008, our family run business prides itself on been the UK’s leading manufacturer of chaise longues for domestic, commercial and retail applications. Each piece is made passionately by time served craftsmen at our own workshops in Yorkshire.

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Fabrics from Plastic Bottles

Fabrics from Plastic Bottles

Sustainable fabrics from Chaise Longue Co

You may remember our blog post a few months ago in which we mentioned our aims to become eco-friendlier and more sustainable. This started with our push towards sustainable wood for our solid hard-wood frames and we even offer many recycled leather options which you to choose from. Well, good news! Our long-term fabric suppliers Clarke & Clarke now produce a new sustainable ECO range of fabrics and when we heard about this, it’s safe to say that we jumped at the opportunity to provide these as options for our chaise lounges.


The use of recycled plastics to turn into fabrics is starting gain ground in the European home interiors and upholstery industry. Fabric is manufactured entirely from recycled plastic bottles, with each and every metre of fabric produced save approximately 90 plastic bottles from ending up in a land fill. Bottles are collected locally before being separated by type and colour, processed and converted into flakes. This polymer is eventually extruded into yarn, which is then texturized, yarn dyed and embedded with permanent flame retardant properties


ECO speaks to both the style-conscious and environmentally-conscious customer, with a multitude of designs from the classic herringbone to fresh geometrics.  If you were to choose a fabric from the ECO collection for your new extra-large chaise longue, you could be helping to save around 630 bottles from the landfill. The best part is you wouldn’t even know! Each fabric feels and looks just as luxurious as every other Clarke & Clarke piece does and lasts just as long too. Isn’t that amazing? 

So, if you’ve been looking for ways to be more sustainable recently, this is a really big opportunity. Head to our website and start browsing our new ECO options for your new bespoke chaise, sofa or chair today.

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The Martindale Test: What does it mean?

The Martindale Test: What does it mean?

The Martindale Test: What does it mean?

If you have browsed our fabric options on the Chaise Longue Company website you may have noticed the ‘Usage’ section in each description. But what exactly does this mean?

The usage section indicates how durable each individual fabric is according to the Martindale Test. This abrasion rub test is internationally recognised and designed to measure the durability of a fabric according to the number of times discs can oscillate a layer of sandpaper or wool across the fabric before it starts to show distress. Each fabric is divided into categories by numerical score showing how durable it is. These categories range from decorative use, light domestic use, general domestic use, heavy domestic use and commercial use.

The results of the test show how much wear and tear your fabric will take before there is a noticeable change in its appearance. As mentioned, the higher the score, the more durable the fabric is. Below is a short list of each category that your chosen fabric could be in and how suitable it will be for different uses. If you are struggling to find what category your chosen fabrics are in, click on the small ‘i’ icon on the bottom right of the fabric picture to see more information, then locate the ‘usage’ section. 

Decorative Use (10000 Rubs)

If your desired fabric is under this category, it will be suitable as a decorative fabric for items such as cushions or piping. Generally, these fabrics are not suitable for general domestic use in furniture upholstery and are rarely found on our website.

Light Domestic Use (10000 to 15000 Rubs)

If the fabric you, have you eyes on falls into this category it is suitable for light use on pieces such as occasional furniture. A fabric in this category will need to be dry clean only and will often be made of more delicate fabrics such as yarn or velvet.

General Domestic Use (15000 to 25000 Rubs)

When your desired fabric is in this category it is suitable for everyday use on main household furniture. Chaises, sofas, ottoman and chairs would last a very long time before any noticeable change in appearance may be seen. Many of the fabrics we offer are in this category so there is a wide array of choice. General use fabrics are, however, unsuitable for pieces put under intense stress daily, such as recliners.

Heavy Domestic Use (25000 to 30000 Rubs)

A fabric in this category is highly suitable for all kinds of every day use furniture, including recliners and other motion furniture.

Commercial Use (30000 + Rubs)

A commercial use fabric is the highest category available on the market according to the Martindale Test and means it can be used on heavy duty furniture and would be highly suited for any commercial environment, such as offices or restaurants.

We hope this article has helped you understand the individual categories and what the qualifying factors are. Hopefully this has also helped you narrow down your options for what fabric you would like your new chaise lounge to be in. Don’t worry however, if you are still struggling to narrow down your options, we can provide you with FREE fabric samples so you can see and feel them first hand!

By Jon Peacock


To learn more about the Martindale Unit please follow 

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The Benefits of Recycled Leather

The Benefits of Recycled Leather

Recycled Leather: The Benefits

Leather manufacturers generate an alarming amount of waste, it’s a common fact in our industry. On average, they can waste around 50% of the initial raw materials. The process of making leather into a workable material involves an incredible amount of water and toxic chemicals. If disposed of incorrectly, leather can contaminate the earth and release harmful gases into the atmosphere. But there is a brilliant way the industry is turning this around, recycling and reusing.

By reusing leather scraps and offcuts you reduce the demand for virgin leather and the incredibly harmful production process it requires. Leather scraps can be collected from all kinds of products such as shoes, garments and furniture. This recycled leather is then turned into a pulp by combining it with water and mixing it with binding products such as rubber and wood bark. This leather pulp is then formed into a sheet and pressed into size and coloured. They can even retexture it to fit specific requirements.

So we know the benefits of the recycling process, but what are some of the benefits of choosing recycled leather for your new piece of furniture?

Recycled leather is a long-lasting material

What you might not expect is that, yes, recycled leather can be an exceptionally durable and long-lasting material for your furniture. Combine a recycled leather with an amazing fabric protector such as Aquaclean, and you have a stain and water-resistant piece on your hands. If you treat it with a little care, your recycled leather can last a long time!

Recycled leather is very easy to take care of

Leather can be high maintenance, with an expensive cleaning and rejuvenation routine. However, unlike virgin leather, recycled leather doesn’t require the same expensive care. In most cases a damp cloth should be enough to remove stains due to everyday use. You can have all of the timeless elegance with almost none of the time-consuming care.

Recycled leather has the appearance and feel of genuine leather

Due to amazing advances in the production process and the machinery used, recycled leather has the appearance, feel and even scent of virgin leather. Amazing!

Recycled leather is MUCH less expensive

Recycled leather is less expensive than virgin leather but produces a product of equal quality! The best bit is that with continued advances in the production process, it may yet get cheaper to produce and continue to heighten in quality.

Recycled leather includes ZERO plastics

The natural fibres of the shredded leather are combined with other natural products, such as rubber and wood bark. This isn’t faux plastic leather and no plastics are used in any of the production process.

Recycled leather is a flexible material

The best thing about using recycled leather is that it is much more flexible than virgin leather thanks to the rubber used as a natural glue. This means less wear and tear over time from regular use, such as rips, creases and lifting. Even if wear and tear begin to show after long term use, recycled leather is much easier and cheaper to repair or reupholster!

Recycled leather leads to minimal waste of material

As previously stated, the process of recycling leather allows for minimal waste. The final result of the manufacturing process is a flawless sheet of recycled leather ready to use.


Here at The Chaise Longue Company we pride ourselves on using more sustainable practices when building our beautiful furniture, such as using sustainably source hardwood to build our frames. Another fantastic area of sustainability we are moving into is working with our fabric partners to provide more recycled leather options for our customers. The above list of benefits show that this material is a revolution in the world of furniture 

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What is the point of a chaise longue?

What is the point of a chaise longue?

What is the point of a chaise longue?

Comfortable, stylish seating is the backbone of any living or reading room. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult deciding on what sort of furniture is going to work best for your home. While the first choice for many might be a basic, comes-in-a-box sofa, it’s worth considering the other options that are out there to make for a more beautiful and comfortable space.
When you think of France, what comes to mind? The world knows it for its art, food and romance, but one of its most prominent contributions to the world is beautiful classical furniture. The French have mastered style and comfort, with the most beautiful and comfortable sofas, chairs and beds to name a few. However, one piece that holds great importance to many homes is the chaise lounge.
A chaise longue is a long, upholstered chair that is typically designed with a single arm. The name ‘chaise longue’ is actually a direct French translation of ‘long chair’, so the clue really is in the name!


A chaise longue has two primary purposes. Firstly, it is an ideal place to recline and relax, for example whilst reading your favourite book. Secondly, they are beautiful pieces of classical furniture with a visual appeal not found anywhere else and is an extraordinary addition to any room and any space.
Along with these primary purposes, there are a multitude of benefits to choosing a chaise:

1) A chaise can make a small space appear larger

If you’ve only got a small space to work with, a chaise longue can make the room seem bigger. We at The Chaise Longue Company can build your chaise in any size, allowing you to put one in any space in your home.

2) Chaise longues are versatile

Chaise lounges are also incredibly versatile and if you’ve got a room with an unusual shape, finding furniture that fits can very much be a bit of a puzzle. With The Chaise Longue Co you can request a custom frame and can effortlessly solve this puzzle while still retaining serious style.

3) A chaise is great for additional seating space

Placing a chaise longue in your room will create an extra cosy space for you or guests to sit on when the house gets busy, rather than stuffing everyone onto the same two-seater or on the floor. With a chaise you get amazing comfort for everyone and more free space!

4) A chaise longue won’t interrupt your view

Chaise lounges are generally quite close to the ground. This means that they can be used in front of focal points, such as windows, fireplaces, archways and even beds without detracting from the other features in the room.

5) A chaise lounge could add depth to your room

If your living room is made up of rectangles and straight lines, a chaise could be perfect for breaking up the monotony of all those right angles. With a chaise you can throw some curves into the mix with a stylish chaise lounge and create an interesting discussion point for your visitors while also gaining somewhere practical to rest, relax and unwind.

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