Chaise of the Week #74

Chaise of the Week #74

Old English Linear Chaise: Traditional Meets Modern

In this edition of Chaise of the Week, we showcase an exquisite piece of furniture that seamlessly blends traditional aesthetics with contemporary design. The Linear XL chaise longue, upholstered in Crest Old English Gamay genuine leather epitomises the perfect amalgamation of classic charm and modern flair. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this masterpiece promises an unparalleled seating experience.

Bespoke Chaise Longues: Craftsmanship Redefined

At the heart of the Old English Linear Chaise lies superior craftsmanship. Handcrafted from the finest European hardwood, its sturdy frame ensures longevity and durability. Complemented by chrome legs and adorned with a deep buttoned arm, this chaise lounge exudes sophistication in every detail.

Why Buy a Leather Chaise Lounge?

When it comes to furniture materials, leather has an undeniable appeal. The rich, supple texture of leather provides a luxurious seating experience, making these chaise longues both comfortable and visually stunning.

Here are some compelling reasons why leather reigns supreme:

1. Hypoallergenic Appeal

For allergy sufferers, leather furniture can serve as a sanctuary. Hypoallergenic by nature, leather repels dust mites, pet hair, and other allergens, ensuring a clean and comfortable environment.

2. Enduring Durability

Leather chaise longues boast exceptional durability, thanks to their unique tanning process. Resistant to stains and spills, they require minimal upkeep and can withstand the test of time with ease.

3. Effortless Maintenance

Bid farewell to tedious cleaning routines. Leather furniture demands only occasional maintenance, with a simple wipe-down sufficing to keep it pristine. With proper care, leather pieces can retain their allure for decades.


Transform your living space with the timeless elegance of the Old English Linear Chaise. Elevate your décor with a statement piece that seamlessly blends tradition and innovation. Experience luxury redefined with this exquisite chaise longue, where comfort meets sophistication.

By Jon Peacock


Posted on 3rd Apr 2024 09:50:38 by chaiseAdmin

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Chaise of the Week #41

Chaise of the Week #41

Enhance Your Living Space with a Timeless Classic Medium Chaise Longue

When it comes to adding a touch of sophistication and comfort to your living space, nothing quite compares to a classic leather medium chaise longue. In this edition of “Chaise of the Week,” we present to you an exquisite piece that embodies timeless charm and exceptional craftsmanship. Our Classic Medium Chaise Lounge, adorned in the luxurious Mustang Emerald leather from Yarwood, is the epitome of traditional elegance and modern comfort.


Immerse Yourself in Mustang Emerald Luxury

The upholstery of our Chaise of the Week is what truly sets it apart. The rich and captivating Mustang Emerald leather exudes opulence and refinement. Its vibrant green hue adds a pop of colour while effortlessly complementing various interior design styles. Yarwood leather is renowned for its premium quality, ensuring that your chaise longue remains a statement piece for years to come.

Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

At our workshop, every chaise is meticulously handcrafted to perfection. Our team of skilled artisans dedicates their expertise to create a masterpiece that exudes both style and substance. The chaise features a robust hardwood frame that guarantees longevity and stability. The steel sprung seats provide unparalleled comfort and support, allowing you to relax in utmost luxury. High-quality foams and fillings complete the ensemble, ensuring a seating experience that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Embrace Tradition with Modern Comfort

While traditional in design, our Classic Medium Chaise Longue seamlessly blends the allure of yesteryears with the comforts of today. Its ergonomic structure is designed to cradle your body, offering a harmonious balance between style and relaxation. Whether placed in your living room, study, or bedroom, this chaise longue transcends mere furniture, becoming a cherished space for moments of tranquillity.


Tailored to Your Tastes

Personalisation is key, and our Classic Medium Chaise Lounge offers a range of customisation options to suit your preferences. From selecting the perfect shade and feel of fabric to choosing additional features, such as tufted upholstery or decorative cushions, you have the creative freedom to curate a chaise that aligns seamlessly with your vision.



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