Enhance Your Interior Décor with House of Hackney Fabrics

Enhance Your Interior Décor with House of Hackney Fabrics

Introducing House of Hackney’s Floral Velvets

House of Hackney offers an exquisite collection of floral velvets that can transform your interior space into a captivating haven. The Chaise Longue team love making chaise lounges, sofa and chairs in their British made cotton velvets.

Discover the Elegance of Hollyhocks Floral Velvet

Step into a world of elegance with Hollyhocks floral velvet, meticulously crafted by renowned American artist Kerry Simmons exclusively for House of Hackney. This opulent fabric is a testament to Simmons’ artistic brilliance, capturing the essence of her original work. Crafted in Britain, this sumptuous velvet is perfect for creating bespoke window coverings or revitalising your furniture with a touch of sophistication.


Unveiling Artemis: A Timeless Classic

Inspired by the timeless designs of William Morris, Artemis floral velvet fabric exudes sophistication and charm. Its classic patterns are sure to make a bold statement in any interior setting. With its rich autumnal hues of petrol, blue, and bronze, Artemis adds a touch of warmth and luxury to your soft furnishings and upholstery projects.


Indulge in Opia: The Epitome of Luxury

Dive into luxury with Opia printed velvet from House of Hackney. Featuring the timeless elegance of poppies, this fabric epitomises sophistication and style. Its rich colours and intricate design details make it a versatile choice for mixing and matching with other complementing House of Hackney prints, allowing you to create a bespoke interior that reflects your unique sense of style.


Transform your interior space with the exquisite collection of floral velvets from House of Hackney. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your soft furnishings or make a bold statement with your upholstery, House of Hackney has the perfect fabric to elevate your décor to new heights.

By Jon Peacock


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