Chaise of the Week #48

Chaise of the Week #48

Elevate Your Space: Discover the Fiora Modern Chaise Longue

In this 47th instalment of our Chaise of the Week series, we introduce a subtle touch of opulence embodied by the Modern Chaise Lounge, adorned in the exquisite Wemyss Fiora velvet in String. With the incorporation of cutting-edge stain-resistant technology, this piece of furniture promises to retain its pristine allure for years to come. Fiora, available in a versatile palette of over 30 captivating colours, stands as a sumptuous choice for upholstery enthusiasts.


Artistry in Every Detail: Handcrafted Fiora Chaise Longues

Our commitment to crafting exceptional furniture shines through in the meticulous creation of each Fiora Chaise Lounge. Skilled upholsterers employ a fusion of contemporary and time-honoured techniques while utilising robust hardwood frames. This craftsmanship guarantees not only the uniqueness of each piece but also its enduring quality, ensuring it becomes an enduring masterpiece.

Fiora Chaise Lounge: Subtle Opulence Redefined

If you seek a harmonious blend of functionality and style in your furniture, the Fiora Modern Chaise emerges as the quintessential choice. Whether you intend it to seamlessly complement neutral decors or take centre stage as a focal point, rest assured that there exists a style and colour within the Fiora collection that perfectly aligns with your vision.



by Jon Peacock

Posted on 26th Sep 2023 09:49:14 by chaiseAdmin

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New Acropora Fabric

New Acropora Fabric

Harlequin Acropora at Chaise Longue Co

Sometimes fabrics are so striking we simply must put them on our website.  This stunning new floral fabric from Harlequin asks you to venture into the Pacific Ocean around the coast of Brazil and explore an underwater world of coral reefs and swaying plants.  This beautiful cotton velvet is now availiable from The Chaise Longue Company.  With a retail price of £112.00 its not a cheap fabric, but we think its certainly worth it.  



If you woul like to make your very own bespoke chaise lounge, sofa, chair or headboard in this fabulous fabric click here to complete a product enquiry

Posted on 10th Nov 2022 12:01:37 by chaiseAdmin

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