Chaise of the Week #33

Chaise of the Week #33

Zambezi Large Chaise

For our Chaise of the Week #33, showcasing some of the finest pieces made in our workshop we’ve chosen this Zambezi Teal Large Chaise Longue. Shown as a left-handed chaise lounge this piece is upholstered in Emma J Shipleys Zambezi fabric in Teal with silver studs and chrome legs. As with each chaise longue we handcraft, this piece comes with a hardwood frame and sprung seat as standard.


About Emma J Shipley

Emma J Shipley is an accomplished British artisan specialising in the creation of exquisite home decor and accessories tailored for enthusiasts of nature, visionaries, and those who embrace maximalism. Emma’s enduring captivation with the natural world and its creatures is particularly drawn to the untamed and extraordinary realms found in the far reaches of our planet, such as the lush jungles of South America and the expansive savannahs of Africa. By seamlessly blending inspiration derived from her personal travels with a rich tapestry of imagination and fantastical elements inspired by myths, legends, and fairy tales, Emma manifests a truly one-of-a-kind and whimsical design universe. Each meticulously hand-drawn composition in pencil undergoes a transformative digital colouring process, resulting in a distinct aesthetic that artfully amalgamates traditional and cutting-edge techniques. The brand made its auspicious debut at London Fashion Week back in 2012, immediately following Emma’s graduation from the prestigious Royal College of Art.

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Chaise of the Week #4

Chaise of the Week #4

Lost World Chaise Longue

This week’s choice for Chaise of the Week is this Classic Large chaise lounge upholstered in the fabulous Clarke & Clarke Lost World Red with oak splayed legs. The Lost World fabric is another stunning creation by Emma J Shipley in partnership with Clarke & Clarke. Zebras, butterflies and flowers adorn this amazing luxury chaise lounge making this piece of furniture a true work of art.

Lost_World_Chaise_2.png  Lost_World_Red_Chaise.png

All pieces come with a hardwood frame, steel sprung seat and only the highest quality foam and fillings as standard so you can be assured of lasting comfort. With over 2000 fabrics to pick from, our team The Chaise Longue Company have you completely covered, ensuring your made to order chaise longue is just right.

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