Ralph Lauren Home Fabrics for Your Chaise

Ralph Lauren Home Fabrics for Your Chaise

Have Your Chaise Upholstered in Ralph Lauren Home

Another day heralds a new addition to the Chaise Longue Co repertoire. We are delighted to unveil the Ralph Lauren Home fabric collection to our discerning clientele. Whether you seek the timeless allure of stripes or the enduring charm of checks, there’s an option to elevate your interior. Here’s a glimpse of the new selections:


Campbell Floral

Drawing inspiration from the grand salons of the early 20th century, known for their eclectic, vibrant interiors that served as a backdrop for animated discourse and even more vibrant guests. The colour palette traverses from delicate creams and porcelain blues to vivacious teals; earthy clays to deep burgundies. An artist’s palette, catering to the bohemian spirit within us all.

Signature Modern Glamour

Radiating a contemporary sense of opulence for your chaise lounge, a symphony of navy and white with golden accents is invigorated with polka dots, abstract florals, and stripes, conjuring a nautical ambiance while preserving a touch of feminine elegance.


By Jon Peacock

Posted on 23rd May 2024 14:07:36 by chaiseAdmin

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New Christian Lacroix Fabric for Your Chaise Longue

New Christian Lacroix Fabric for Your Chaise Longue

Unveiling the Latest Lacroix Fabrics at Chaise Longue Co

At The Chaise Longue Company, we perpetually augment our fabric repertoire, furnishing our clientele with an expansive array of textures, hues, and motifs to effortlessly harmonise their interiors. This month, we have already incorporated a novel bouclé fabric and now have the distinct pleasure of presenting Christian Lacroix Maison fabrics to our esteemed customers. Here’s a tantalising glimpse into the new assortment:

Butterfly Parade Velvet

This mesmerising butterfly motif has etched itself as an iconic element in the Christian Lacroix universe, retaining its popularity since its inception and we’ve made numerous chaise lounges in this fabric. Now elevated into a new dimension, it is digitally printed onto opulent cotton velvet, making it perfect for statement curtains and upholstery.

Soleils Osier


The sunflower—‘Soleils,’ as the French endearingly refer to these mythical blossoms—served as a central theme for Van Gogh during his sojourn in Arles, with lavish clusters adorning his room when Paul Gauguin visited. This homage to friendship by Christian Lacroix Maison portrays these flowers in a resplendent jacquard weave with scintillating colours, equally magnificent on both sides. It is well-suited for light upholstery.

Birds Sinfonia


Introducing a new emblematic print from Christian Lacroix—a series of exotic birds and botanicals with graphic colour bleed lines that imbue depth and a sense of motion. This vibrant, digitally printed cotton design is an ideal fabric for a myriad of interior applications.


Soft Manaos


A sumptuous cotton velvet with an elegant digital print of exotic fruits on a nearly black backdrop. Graphic illustrations interweave with painterly impressions of ripening fruit, creating an arresting print that offers colour, pattern, and personality.

By Jon Peacock



Posted on 21st May 2024 07:50:33 by chaiseAdmin

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Chaise of the Week #81

Chaise of the Week #81

Riga Linen Chaise Longue: An Ode to Minimalism

Minimalist interiors are instantly identifiable by their immaculate, uncluttered aesthetics. In this week’s feature, we explore the quintessential chaise longue for aficionados of minimalist white decor. The expansive chaise lounge, swathed in Wemyss Riga fabric, not only exudes a fresh ambiance but also retains its immaculate white hue, courtesy of the integrated Fibreguard Stain Resistant technology.


A White Chaise Lounge? Indeed!

When investing in furniture, particularly in hues of white or cream, the concern of chocolate smudges or pet-related mishaps is ever-present. Fear not, for this white velvet chaise longue is resilient against the most stubborn stains, emerging unscathed and as pristine as the day it was acquired. The Fibreguard Stain Resistant technology ensures that blemishes such as mud and lipstick can be effortlessly erased with just soap, water, and a microfiber cloth.


Exemplary British Craftsmanship

From its core to its contour, this chaise longue epitomises British artisanal furniture-making. It boasts a traditionally constructed hardwood frame, a steel-sprung seat for enduring comfort, and meticulously hand-polished hardwood legs.


What’s the Point of a Chaise Lounge?

A chaise lounge serves to harmonise the ensemble of living room or bedroom furniture, complementing items like lounge chairs or sofas. In compact spaces where a full sofa or a three-piece suite might be impractical, a chaise longue introduces a sense of equilibrium and provides additional seating options for guests. 

By Jon Peacock


Posted on 20th May 2024 09:28:02 by chaiseAdmin

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Unveiling Harlequin Islay Fabric

Unveiling Harlequin Islay Fabric

The Allure of Boucle

Our team at The Chaise Longue Co are delighted to introduce to our esteemed clientele the new Harlequin Islay Fabric, an exemplar of high-performance boucle, now available in an array of 16 distinct hues. Though it may present a modest appearance, its performance capabilities are anything but and its perfect for chaise lounges.

This luxurious boucle boasts a Carbon Zero (C0) designation, coupled with a water and stain-resistant finish that ensures exceptional repellence. It achieves an extraordinary Martindale abrasion rating exceeding 100,000 rubs, affirming its durability and resilience. 

Harlequin Fabrics

As a distinguished member of the Sanderson Group, renowned for its excellence in quality and design, Harlequin Fabrics stands as a beacon in the contract interiors market. Offering a meticulously curated selection of high-performance contract textiles, they perpetually aim to deliver unparalleled style and inspiration to our burgeoning clientele of architects and interior designers.

By Jon Peacock


Posted on 17th May 2024 08:43:44 by chaiseAdmin

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Chaise of the Week #80

Chaise of the Week #80

Concept Storm Modern Chaise Longue

In this edition of Chaise of the Week, we unveil a breathtakingly luxurious modern chaise longue, adorned with the exquisite Harlequin Concept Storm velvet. Crafted with a seamless blend of contemporary aesthetics and traditional upholstery craftsmanship, this masterpiece is poised to steal the limelight in any interior setting.


Harlequin Concept Storm: A Symbol of Elegance

The star of the show, our Concept Storm Modern Chaise Lounge, boasts upholstery from the prestigious Momentum fabric collection by Harlequin. This geometric velvet exudes an air of sophistication and opulence, perfectly aligning with the prevailing ambiance of upscale hotel interiors worldwide.


A Testament to Luxury & Durability

Far from being a transient addition to your decor, the Concept Storm Modern Chaise epitomises enduring quality and is a testament to handcrafted British furniture. Constructed with a traditional hardwood frame, reinforced by steel springs, and generously padded with high-quality foam and fillings, this chaise guarantees quality and longevity. Boasting an impressive Martindale test score of 50,000 rubs, this chaise stands as a testament to its suitability for both residential and commercial spaces, including hotels, bars, and restaurants.

By Jon Peacock


Posted on 14th May 2024 09:17:46 by chaiseAdmin

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