Inside Outside Fabrics

Inside Outside Fabrics

New Inside/Outside Fabric Collection at Chaise Longue Co

by Lewis Simpson 


Exciting news for conservatory and outdoor furniture lovers, The Chaise Longue Co are absolutely delighted to announce that the brand-new collection of Inside/Outside fabrics by Wemyss is now available on our website. This brilliant new collection has been created using FibreGuard Outdoor protective fabric, which incorporates exciting new features to the already trusted FibreGuard finish along with UV protection.


FibreGuard Outdoor is a high performance and fade resistant fabric material which has been expertly developed for both indoor and outdoor use. The brand-new exciting additions to this range include an easy to clean surface, water repellence, stain resistance, high durability and odour resistance. All this makes this new range absolutely perfect for chaise longues and sofas in a conservatory or exposed to the elements.

The unique properties of this new range ensure that stains are easily removable and that dirt is simple to clean off, resulting in your fabrics maintaining their fresh and new appearance. This along with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial attributes which combat the growth of mould means you can rest assured knowing you are protected against germs and bacteria.


Lasting years without losing their unique traits, this new collection has also been manufactured for unbeatable fade protection, taking exposure to the sun’s rays in their stride. The range is made from solution dyed yarns which have excellent UV and weather resistant properties, making these new fabrics perfect for both outdoor living and even relaxing in your conservatory. This means that no matter what you plan on using your new chaise for, whether it be lounging in the sun or hosting social gatherings, you can feel confident that your upholstered furniture can handle anything that comes its way.


We have many styles and patterns available for you to select from, including jacquards, trellis, flower inspired geometric patterns and a sky-scraper inspired embroidered design. So, if you’re looking for the perfect new piece for your conservatory or outdoor seating area, head to our website and check out the new indoor/outdoor fabric collection to find your perfect chaise today!

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Throws from Bronte by Moon

Throws from Bronte by Moon

New Throws from Bronte by Moon Available at Chaise Longue Co

by Lewis Simpson


The team at Chaise want our clients to have the best options in order to bring their unique interior design vision to life, that’s why we have been hard at work over the last few months scouting out some of the best accessories to complement our range of lovingly made chaise longues, sofas and chairs. Now we are proud to announce we offer an excellent new range of throws from Bronte by Moon available to purchase on our website.

The beautiful selection of Bronte by Moon throws are crafted in the historic Moon mill in Guiseley, Yorkshire. Established in 1837 and with over 180 years of proud British manufacturing & design heritage already to their name, they are now one of Great Britain’s last remaining vertical woollen mills.

The term ‘vertical’ is a throwback to the Victorian era when mills would rise several stories, with each floor containing separate parts of the manufacturing process. Today it remains a unique confirmation of Moon’s authenticity as they control every stage of production from raw wool to finished product including Dyeing, Blending, Carding, Spinning, Warping, Weaving, and Finishing.

The fantastic collection you can find on our online store includes innovative designs and are all traditionally crafted, maintaining The Chaise Longue Company’s aims to always offer consistent high-quality products. The incredible designs we offer include variations of tartans, harlequins, diamonds and checks. Our passion for quality and customer choice remains as strong now as ever, carrying the message of what it means to be a Great British company.



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What Leg Type for my Chaise?

What Leg Type for my Chaise?

What type of legs should I choose for my chaise?

by Lewis Simpson


No piece of furniture is complete without the perfect set of legs. Here at The Chaise Longue Company, we offer a fantastic selection to help you create your perfect bespoke piece. Not only is our leg collection wide and varied, but we also offer a fantastic selection of wood finishes to complete the perfect look for your new unique piece.

If you’re struggling to pick legs for your new piece, we have put together a quick guide to help you decide, running down what each leg is best suited to and, in some cases, noting the history of the legs design. Whether you’re looking for something modern, something timeless or something antique, we have the perfect option for you.


Ball & Claw

The ball & claw is a decorative leg fashioned to represent a bird’s claw gripping a ball. This leg type has been continuously popular since it was introduced to Europe from China in the 1700s, largely thanks to its timeless design.

Historically the leg has come in many varieties, such as a metal claw and glass ball, but the design that has stayed popular and in fashion since its introduction is one carved entirely of wood. The Chaise Longue Company offers this elegant leg in a solid carved wood design in any finish of your choice.

Choose this leg if you are looking to create a timeless, elegant piece of furniture. Ball & claw suits all types of chaises, sofas, chairs and ottomans; however, they work beautifully well on any classic design.


The cabriole leg is identifiable by its distinctive curves. From the top, the leg first curves outwards before bowing inwards to create a unique second curve. It is believed to be inspired by the physiology of many four-legged animals. Variants of the cabriole leg came into fashion in the 1600’s as English, Dutch, and French furniture makers broke away from their medieval roots and developed curvier styles.

We at The Chaise Longue Company offer cabriole legs in many sizes, long and short, to give you the freedom to choose your desired style and height. Choose this leg if you are looking for a beautiful, elegant design. Our 8 and 9”” offering perfectly suits any chaise, sofa or chair, whilst our shorter 4” option are perfect for stools and ottomans.


A tapered leg is recognisable thanks to the technique in how they are designed. Tapering is the gradual thinning of thickness as the legs get further down. This a very distinctive and strong design that visually reduces the impact that furniture has on a room, allowing more floor space to be seen. The tapered leg often evokes memories of furniture from the 1950s and 60s due to the popularity of its use during that important period of furniture design.

The tapered legs we offer are reminiscent of mid-century design and are available in both round and square styles. Tapered legs are perfect for stylish and modern designs and suit any chaises, sofas, chairs and ottomans, however they suit modern and linear pieces perfectly.


Splayed legs are, by definition, wider out at the bottom than they are at the top. This creates a wider leg stance at a compound angle whilst remaining within the dimensions of the piece.

The Chaise Longue Company offers two sizes of splayed legs, one 6” and one 8”, both with a stylish curved design. Splayed legs are a fantastic fit for any chaise, sofa, ottoman and even some chair designs thanks to their effortlessly clean, modern and simplistic design.


Our sofa legs come in many different styles to give you a variety of choice and to allow you to achieve the perfect look for your bespoke piece. The three options shown below are expertly hand-crafted into beautiful unique designs to make your piece stand out. Each piece comes in a specific size, ranging from 5”, 6” and 8” and is available in any finish you desire. The sofa leg is perfect for achieving a beautifully classic look and is suitable for any piece, especially chaises and sofas.

Bun Foot

A bun foot is one of the earliest leg styles that consists of a simple spherical disk-like shape and dates back to the early 1600’s. The popularity of this style was at its highest in the 1800’s and is very commonly seen on various pieces of Victorian furniture.

At The Chaise Longue Company, we offer this simple yet fashionable leg type in two size options, 2” and 3”. The bun foot is a fantastic option for any bespoke piece, but is a perfect fit for chaises, sofas and ottomans, especially antique and classic varieties.


A castor is an assembly that contains both a wheel and a bracket for it. This allows your piece to be moveable. The castors we offer come attached to a stylish hard-wood sofa leg to allow for sturdiness and style as well as function.

We offer castors in two unique varieties to best suit your bespoke furniture. Our chrome option is perfect for any piece, but especially suits modern or classic chaises, sofas and ottomans. Our brass option is also perfect for any piece; however, it perfectly suits antique pieces thanks to its antique look.

Chrome Legs

Are you looking for a sturdy and durable leg that will last the test of time? If so, our selection of chrome legs is what you are looking for. Our stylish chrome legs expertly merge the modern with the traditional. As the newest offering in our range, these chrome legs beautifully mix an elegant appearance and extremely robust quality, giving you access the best of both worlds! They are available in three varieties, allowing for more customisability when creating your perfect piece.

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What is the point of a chaise longue?

What is the point of a chaise longue?

What is the point of a chaise longue?

by Lewis Simpson 


Comfortable, stylish seating is the backbone of any living or reading room. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult deciding on what sort of furniture is going to work best for your home. While the first choice for many might be a basic, comes-in-a-box sofa, it’s worth considering the other options that are out there to make for a more beautiful and comfortable space.
When you think of France, what comes to mind? The world knows it for its art, food and romance, but one of its most prominent contributions to the world is beautiful classical furniture. The French have mastered style and comfort, with the most beautiful and comfortable sofas, chairs and beds to name a few. However, one piece that holds great importance to many homes is the chaise longue.
A chaise longue is a long, upholstered chair that is typically designed with a single arm. The name ‘chaise longue’ is actually a direct French translation of ‘long chair’, so the clue really is in the name!
A chaise longue has two primary purposes. Firstly, it is an ideal place to recline and relax, for example whilst reading your favourite book. Secondly, they are beautiful pieces of classical furniture with a visual appeal not found anywhere else and is an extraordinary addition to any room and any space.
Along with these primary purposes, there are a multitude of benefits to choosing a chaise:

1) A chaise can make a small space appear larger

If you’ve only got a small space to work with, a chaise longue can make the room seem bigger. We at The Chaise Longue Company can build your chaise in any size, allowing you to put one in any space in your home.

2) Chaise longues are versatile

Chaise lounges are also incredibly versatile and if you’ve got a room with an unusual shape, finding furniture that fits can very much be a bit of a puzzle. With The Chaise Longue Co you can request a custom frame and can effortlessly solve this puzzle while still retaining serious style.

3) A chaise is great for additional seating space

Placing a chaise longue in your room will create an extra cosy space for you or guests to sit on when the house gets busy, rather than stuffing everyone onto the same two-seater or on the floor. With a chaise you get amazing comfort for everyone and more free space!

4) A chaise won’t interrupt your view

Chaise lounges are generally quite close to the ground. This means that they can be used in front of focal points, such as windows, fireplaces, archways and even beds without detracting from the other features in the room.

5) A chaise could add depth to your room

If your living room is made up of rectangles and straight lines, a chaise could be perfect for breaking up the monotony of all those right angles. With a chaise you can throw some curves into the mix with a stylish chaise lounge and create an interesting discussion point for your visitors while also gaining somewhere practical to rest, relax and unwind.


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4 Reasons to Buy Your Chaise Online

4 Reasons to Buy Your Chaise Online

4 Reasons to Buy Your Chaise Online

by Lewis Simpson 


Your furniture is the main features of your home and it is an amazing feeling when you find the perfect piece. Something with the ideal fabric, colour, shape and size can be a great statement of your personality, however finding this perfect piece is easier said than done.

Whilst shopping in-store is the most popular way for most to browse furniture, we all know how much of a tiresome task this can be. Heading online isn’t the initial idea that enters your mind, however there are so many benefits to choosing the pain-free online process for your next piece and here are just a few!

1. No Need to Leave the House

Physically shopping for furniture can be tiresome and inconvenient, but many people swear by it as the best way to buy furniture thanks to the ability to see and feel the pieces before you buy. This, however, is not always a benefit and is actually one of the biggest problems people run into, as when the piece finally arrives at their home it doesn’t look or feel the same. It is next to impossible to fully visualize the piece in your home.

When you shop online, there is no need to leave the house. Let’s face it, it is so much more convenient! When you’re online, you can browse anytime from the comfort of your home. Not only does this save you the time traveling to and from each store, but almost every online store will have a detailed list of measurements. This makes it so much easier for you to quickly measure your ideal space to imagine how it will fit.

2. Service, Not a Sales Pitch

As previously stated, shopping in-store can be good for seeing and feeling exactly what you are buying before you take the plunge, but this environment is rife with sales traps. We have all been to a furniture store and felt pressured into buying something that we don’t really want simply because the salesperson convinced us to. Shopping can be a stressful and often hostile environment that many of us fear when it comes time to enter a shop.

On the other hand, shopping for furniture online allows you to easily browse hundreds of stores and thousands of pieces at your own leisure without salespeople forcing suggestions upon you. You will receive excellent service without the sales pitch. However, if you feel that you do need assistance at any point, don’t fear, we at The Chaise Longue Company have excellent support services on our website for you to contact at any time.

3. More to Choose From

Finally, purchasing furniture on the web means that you have access to a much larger range of items to choose from compared to visiting a high street or retail park.

Buying furniture in-store limits what pieces you can find and you may have to visit dozens of stores to find anything close to that perfect piece you have been dreaming of. Buying your furniture online not only means that you have a much larger range of items to choose from, but also provides room for so much more customisation. In store furniture is often mass-produced, boxed up and lacks any unique personality.

Here at The Chaise Longue Company, we offer fully bespoke furniture where you can choose any size, style, fabric, colour and even your own legs and buttoning! If you were looking for something truly unique, we can even upholster your piece in your own provided fabric.

So, if you’re looking for something specific, unique and a little more you, you’ve got a much better chance of finding exactly what you want online.

4. Save Time and Money

Not having to drag themselves to every retail park and furniture shop in town has to be a bonus, online shoppers get the luxury of saving the considerable amount of time that it can take trying to find that perfect piece. 

The same goes for your wallet too!  As more and more brands go ‘online-only’, without that expensive shop to maintain, online furniture makers can often provide better offers than their high street competitors.


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