Chaise of the Week #59

Chaise of the Week #59

Discover Timeless Elegance with the Old English Chaise Longue

For the 59th Chaise of the Week we bring forth an embodiment of sophistication in the realm of seating world with our Old English Tan leather chaise longue!  With its aniline finish, this pull up leather with its aged look is perfect for upholstery.  Finished off with antique studs, deep buttoning to the back & arm and hardwood legs, this chaise lounge will fit seamlessly into most interiors.


Go Hardwood or Go Home

At the heart of every chaise lounge, sofa, and chair in our collection lies a foundation of quality hardwood. Our European hardwood frames, meticulously hand-assembled, glued, and doweled, ensure enduring strength. Paired with steel-sprung seats, this combination guarantees a comfort that stands the test of time.


Crest Old English Leather

Old English leather undergoes an aniline finishing process, contributing to its exquisite appearance. This technique involves the use of a special blend of oils and waxes during tanning, resulting in a luxurious, warm hue. The aniline finish not only enhances the leather’s natural grain but also ensures a supple feel, making it a tactile delight. The hallmark of Old English leather lies in its distinctive crackled and distressed finish. This intentional ageing process imparts a unique charm, reminiscent of heritage craftsmanship. Each crease and mark on the leather tells a story, creating an authentic, lived-in look that resonates with those who appreciate the beauty of imperfections.


Our Old English Tan chaise longue stands as a testament to timeless charm and enduring quality. From its meticulously crafted hardwood frame to the warm embrace of Old English leather, every detail is an ode to sophistication. Elevate your space with a chaise that transcends the ordinary—a statement of unparalleled elegance and lasting allure.

By Jon Peacock.




Posted on 11th Dec 2023 12:04:19 by chaiseAdmin

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Chaise of the Week #58

Chaise of the Week #58

Make your Interiors Fly with an Audubon Chaise Longue

In the spotlight for our 58th edition of Chaise of the Week is a captivating addition to interior aesthetics – the bespoke Classic Large chaise lounge adorned in Clarke & Clarke’s 100% cotton, Audubon in Jungle, featuring elegant ebony cabriole legs.


Audubon Jungle: A Symphony of Style

Embark on a design journey with the Audubon Jungle collection, a dynamic collaboration with the visionary artist Emma J Shipley and Clarke & Clarke. This collection introduces a harmonious blend of fabrics and wallpapers, showcasing sumptuous velvets, opulent satins, and captivating shimmering effects. The ‘Animalia’ range, a masterpiece in itself, unfolds a world of mystique, magic, and exotic allure.


The Audubon design, with its striking birds on delicately patterned branches, introduces an aesthetic brilliance that captivates the beholder. Each element of the design is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and artistic ingenuity behind this masterpiece. The Audubon chaise, featured in a vibrant teal and blue colourway, becomes a focal point in any room. The carefully curated palette adds a touch of modernity to the classic design, creating a perfect balance between tradition and contemporary flair.

The Audubon Chaise Longue emerges as not just a piece of furniture but a work of art that transforms your interiors. With its hardwood frame, bespoke upholstery and Emma J Shipley’s artistic vision, this chaise lounge promises to elevate your interior, making a statement of sophistication and style.

By Jon Peacock


Posted on 4th Dec 2023 14:06:45 by chaiseAdmin

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