Exclusive Chaise Longue

Exclusive Chaise Longue

Each luxury chaise longue can be fully customised, allowing you to create beautiful, bespoke pieces to fit your interior perfectly.
Also known as a chaise lounge, a chaise longue is the ultimate in luxury living. Le Corbusier himself described it as the greatest relaxing machine. Egyptian in origin, the chaise longue has showcased in houses and gardens throughout history and around the world. Founded in Egypt, Rome and China, by French noblewomen, Victorian women and Hollywood starlets—not to mention freud—its unending popularity speaks volumes because of its universal appeal.

At The Chaise Lounge Co. each chaise longue is made for relaxation, whilst adding a splash of glamour. As soon as you’ve reclined on one of them, you might never need to get up again.

Choose From classic Italian or French baroque designs using their wonderfully ornate curves and scrolls. Add a touch of Hollywood opulence with sumptuous, enchanting upholstery and finishes or, for a more modern interior, explore the clean, uncomplicated lines of our contemporary daybeds and chaises. For bedroom or dressing room, sitting room or library as an occasional bit or a bold statement, a chaise longue is always in the home.

Hand crafted to the highest standards, using only the best materials, our exclusive variety of chaises longues won’t be found anyplace else. satin, velvet, buttoned leather or distinctive, quirky fabrics. Expertly-polished woods, gold foliage and foliage detailing. Offer your chaise its own personality with your choice from our unrivalled library of colors, fabrics, textures and finishes.

Whether you think of it as a chaise longue, a chaise lounge, a daybed, sofa or lounge chair, every contemporary home requires the extra charm that a chaise longue can bring.

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YouTube Channel Launch

YouTube Channel Launch

We are pleased to launch our Youtube channel - on here we will have a selection of videos on what we do, some hints and tips, and even some snippets of video from the workshop. Make sure you subscribe and watch out for new content from The Chaise longue Co. Youtube channel

Classic Chaise

Where it all started!  As with all of our 100% British handcrafted furniture, the Classic style chaise longue can be upholstered in any fabric and fitted with any leg style allowing you to create your very own bespoke piece. Each chaise longue is carefully handmade by skilled craftsmen in our East Yorkshire factory.

Antique Chaise

With the same graceful lines as the Classic chaise, but including a subtle stud or piping detail to the front and arm of the piece, the antique style chaise longue can be made to complement any room. As with all of our 100% British handcrafted furniture, the antique style chaise longue can be upholstered in any fabric, and fitted with any leg style allowing you to create your very own individual piece of furniture. All frames are European beech hardwood and come with a 15 year guarantee.

Modern Chaise

On the lookout for something different? Designed to complement a more  modern interior, our Modern style chaise longue allow you to make a completely individual statement piece for any room.

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6 Ways To Prevent Visual Clutter In a Small Living Room

6 Ways To Prevent Visual Clutter In a Small Living Room

A small living room might be limited by its size, but made with thoughtfulness and few suggestions, you can make the space feel bigger than it is while keeping a cozy feel. Keeping a little living room clutter free is a matter of designating spaces for things, keeping them in their proper places and a small amount of upkeep.

The old mantra’a place for everything, and everything in its place’ is more important than ever in a little area, because if something does not have a location, its location will be a counter or tabletop or a ground, and in a little apartment, once you’ve a couple items on the floor the entire place starts to feel somewhat cluttered.

The issue with clutter is that it will enlarge, gradually, sneakily, so you will need to go on the offensive. Besides just using a room for everything, it is intelligent to also have a couple of added spaces.

Create a brighter space in your small living room through light. Both artificial and natural lighting can be utilized to achieve the desired result. Allow natural light to come in through the windows to brighten the space.

Keep the furniture pieces and flooring simple to keep it visually pleasing. Add a small chaise lounge chair. Vintage, modern, rustic, or traditional — whatever decorating style complements your space, there’s a gorgeous piece waiting to enhance your living room.

small chaise lounge chair

Produce storage spaces for everything that goes into the living room, such as with this miniature bar it is possible to arrange your glasses and drinks.

Wall-hung shelves and organizers will be your new best friends. If you have something and it’s in three-dimensional area, you are likely to shop or hang it on the wall.

We hope you enjoyed our article. Don’t hesitate to pin (or repin) this to your beloved Pinterest board or to print it and use on your mood board.

All our pieces from small chaise lounge chair to large modern chase are available for customisation in the fabric and finish of your choice. We are able to accommodate any specific requirements in size, finishing or detailing for all furniture pieces. Your furniture will be handmade by our expert team in Yorkshire. Create your bespoke chaise longue now.

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The Perfect Chaise Longue for Summer

The Perfect Chaise Longue for Summer

There’s no greater feeling, obviously, than doing away with the old and introducing the new in time for summer, so what would be the best chaise lounge for the summertime?

Perfect as a day bed, to recline whilst having a night in or to be utilised as a bed, the chaise longue is hugely versatile - if it is put in a bedroom, living room, conservatory or otherwise. Transform your home into a true comfort zone with you from our stunning collection and you will reap the benefits.

We have rounded up some of our favourites, so you can rest easy knowing the ideal summer chaise is just a click away!

Modern Chaise Longue
The Modern Chaise is in Sanderson’s Dandelion Clock fabric with oak splayed legs.

While the chaise lounge is a traditional piece of furniture, the modern chaise can be very contemporary. Where you set your contemporary chaise lounge is dependent upon the setup of your living space, they seem to fit best in a bedroom, living room or study, offering you the choice to lie down on something aside from a bed or sofa.

Antique Chaise Longue
The Small Antique Style Chaise is in a 3D printed Butterfly Parade by Christian Lacroix from Designers Guild Fabrics.

Antique Style Chaise Lounge are perfect for the quaint French antique inspired bedroom or living room, they create an elegant focal point in any room, along with providing indulgent comfort.

All our chaise lounges are bespoke made from scratch with the best materials from around the United Kingdom, all crafted right here in Yorkshire.

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History of the chaise longue

History of the chaise longue

What is a Chaise Longue?

A chaise longue is an upholstered chair on which you can lay back and recline allowing you to put your feet up. Unlike a daybed, which is manufactured to be used as both a sofa-like seat and a bed, a chaise longue is not designed for sleeping but for lounging.

The Merriam-Webster English dictionary describes a chaise longue as “a long reclining chair”.

The Cambridge Dictionary describes one as “a long, low seat, with an arm at one side and usually a low back along half of its length, that a person can stretch out his or her legs on”

Where does the word Chaise Longue come from?

Chaise longue is pronounced “shez long”, the literal English translation from French being “long chair”.

Chaise Longue or Chaise Lounge?

More recently the chaise longue has become known by, and mispronounced as chaise lounge in most English-speaking countries. A combination of “chair” in French and the verb “lounge” in English, became “chaise lounge”.  Due to constant incorrect spelling either pronunciations are accepted as being correct.

Other spellings used include chez longue, chez lounge and shez long and chasis long.

The Chaise Longue in Ancient Egypt

From excavations of ancient Egyptian tombs, archaeologists believe the long chairs found there are the earliest historical examples of the chaise longue, dating back to around 3000BC. For the affluent, the frame would be constructed in wood and inlaid in either ivory or ebony veneer.

The Chaise Longue in Ancient Greece

In the 8th Century BC the Ancient Greeks were known to have made chaises called kline or klinai.  These would have been made from either metal or wood, be covered in layers of fabric and have cushions against the arm for comfort.

The Chaise Longue during the Roman Empire

Just like the Greeks, the Romans loved a chaise longue to lay on and socialise. A Roman chaise longue was known as a lectus and was actually used for both sitting and sleeping on. As the Romans, however, hadn’t mastered upholstery the lectus would be carved in wood and draped with fabric and cushions for comfort.

The Modern Chaise Longue

The modern chaise longue that we are more commonly accustomed to was first popularised during the 16th Century in France. They were specifically designed by French furniture craftsmen for the rich to lounge and rest, without the need to retire to the bedroom. It was during the Rococo period (late 17th to early 18th Century), that the chaise longue became a symbol of social status and only the rarest and most expensive materials where used in their construction.

Today, the chaise longue is seen as a luxury item for the modern home. They are often used to complement a home’s décor such as living or reading rooms, or as a stylish boudoir chair for bedroom seating and somewhere to sit while putting your shoes on.

Here at The Chaise Longue Company we have combined traditional British upholstery techniques with time proven designs to create our excusive range of handcrafted individual chaise longues. 


Click here to view our range of chaise longues.

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