Chaise of the Week #88

Chaise of the Week #88

Small Old English Leather Chaise

In this week’s episode of Chaise of the Week, we are thrilled to unveil the Classic Small Chaise Longue, meticulously adorned in Crest’s enduring Old English Leather in Hazel. This opulent brown leather chaise lounge is embellished with antique studs on the arm face and rests gracefully on dark oak splayed legs.


Crest Old English Leather

Old English leather, an aniline finished, subtly buffed pull-up leather, exudes a warm, vintage charm. This character is achieved through a unique tanning process involving a special blend of oils and waxes, bestowing it with its distinctive crackled and weathered appearance. This exceptional, perpetually favoured leather accentuates the hand-crafted nature of upholstery with its immediate and undeniable heritage allure. This artisan-inspired material, available in a stunning colour palette, is widely utilized in both residential and commercial sectors.


Handmade with Meticulous Care

Each chaise longue, crafted in their Yorkshire workshop, is meticulously handmade by skilled artisans. From the robust hardwood frames and steel sprung seats to the high-quality fillings, every chaise lounge is tailored to the client’s specifications, making each piece truly unique.

By Jon Peacock


Posted on 9th Jul 2024 11:46:41 by chaiseAdmin

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