Throws from Bronte by Moon

Throws from Bronte by Moon

New Throws from Bronte by Moon Available at Chaise Longue Co

by Lewis Simpson


The team at Chaise want our clients to have the best options in order to bring their unique interior design vision to life, that’s why we have been hard at work over the last few months scouting out some of the best accessories to complement our range of lovingly made chaise longues, sofas and chairs. Now we are proud to announce we offer an excellent new range of throws from Bronte by Moon available to purchase on our website.

The beautiful selection of Bronte by Moon throws are crafted in the historic Moon mill in Guiseley, Yorkshire. Established in 1837 and with over 180 years of proud British manufacturing & design heritage already to their name, they are now one of Great Britain’s last remaining vertical woollen mills.

The term ‘vertical’ is a throwback to the Victorian era when mills would rise several stories, with each floor containing separate parts of the manufacturing process. Today it remains a unique confirmation of Moon’s authenticity as they control every stage of production from raw wool to finished product including Dyeing, Blending, Carding, Spinning, Warping, Weaving, and Finishing.

The fantastic collection you can find on our online store includes innovative designs and are all traditionally crafted, maintaining The Chaise Longue Company’s aims to always offer consistent high-quality products. The incredible designs we offer include variations of tartans, harlequins, diamonds and checks. Our passion for quality and customer choice remains as strong now as ever, carrying the message of what it means to be a Great British company.



Posted on 18th Aug 2021 13:31:07 by chaiseAdmin

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