The Antique chaise lounge

The Antique chaise lounge

Nothing shouts style and elegance like our Antique chaise lounge. A staple in decoration throughout history,  the chaise longue has lived two centuries and is located in rooms whose motif is sophistication and relaxation.

A versatile piece
Made with a solid hardwood base and with a choice of any fabric, the Antique chaise lounge will be the focal point for any room.

From Stately to Shabby Chic
There are ways to find the look that is complex without spending tremendous amounts of money on furniture pieces that are authentic. The trend is chic and can be mixed and matched across your design motif. From Pottery Barn into Wayfair chic pieces are reasonably priced and plentiful. Just search for distressed timber (or treat it yourself to get a DIY job ) and lightly iron. Where country and classic cottage combine to make a milder appearance.

Modern Fix-ins
To have a Antique chaise lounge doesn’t make you a servant to Victorian decoration choices for your room. By way of instance, if you have pieces that are modern, then don’t hesitate to maximize your space while adding a chaise longue. It might be desirable to pair the chaise longue with a Victorian lamp, to soften tone and mood. Feel free to experiment with variations. The rule is that there are not any rules. Let your side that is and your sense come up with solutions for your area, but a good strategy is to aim for a balance between both classic and contemporary.

Timeless Style
An Antique chaise longue, either alone or paired with a theme, adds class and elegance . Bring the richness of a bygone era. In its craftsmanship, marvel with detail that is upholstered and benefit from this seating area’s performance offered by this piece. Whether part of a decorating choice that is bigger, with Antique chaise lounges, you can not fail.

As with all of our 100% British handcrafted furniture, the antique style chaise longue can be upholstered in any fabric, and fitted with any leg style allowing you to create your very own individual piece of furniture.

Each chaise longue is carefully handmade by skilled craftsmen in our Yorkshire factory. All frames are European beech hardwood and come with a 15 year guarantee.

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