Mallion & Knowles Fabrics

Mallion & Knowles Fabrics

New Mallion & Knowles Fabrics for your Chaise Longue

In our ceaseless quest for novel textiles, The Chaise Longue Co are elated to spotlight Mallion & Knowles this month. Since its inception in 2021, Mallion & Knowles has ascended to the forefront of suppliers specialising in printed contract fabrics and Faux Leathers, particularly for the Hospitality and Leisure sectors. Nestled in a 9,000-square-foot atelier in Manchester, they are perpetually refining their exclusive compilations. The creative helm is steered by senior designer Barry Ward, where bespoke, hand-painted motifs are meticulously crafted, subsequently digitised, and separated.

Presently, we feature their Stirling Paisley design on our website, with additional designs to follow!


By Jon Peacock