Fabrics Made from Plastic Bottles!!

Fabrics Made from Plastic Bottles!!

New Eco fabrics available at Chaise Longue Co

by Lewis Simpson

You may remember our blog post a few months ago in which we mentioned our aims to become eco-friendlier and more sustainable. This started with our push towards sustainable wood for our solid hard-wood frames and we even offer many recycled leather options which you to choose from. Well, good news! Our long-term fabric suppliers Clarke & Clarke now produce a new sustainable ECO range of fabrics and when we heard about this, it’s safe to say that we jumped at the opportunity to provide these as options for our bespoke pieces!

The new ECO collection poses an elegant answer to the question “How can fashionable interiors be sustainable?”. Each fabric is manufactured entirely from recycled plastic bottles, with each and every metre of fabric produced  saves 90 plastic bottles from ending up in a land fill. ECO speaks to both the style-conscious and environmentally-conscious customer, with a multitude of designs from the classic herringbone to fresh geometrics.  If you were to choose a fabric from the ECO collection for your new extra-large chaise longue, you could be helping to save around 630 bottles from the landfill. The best part is you wouldn’t even know! Each fabric feels and looks just as luxurious as every other Clarke & Clarke piece does and lasts just as long too. Isn’t that amazing?

So, if you’ve been looking for ways to be more sustainable recently, this is a really big opportunity. Head to our website and start browsing our new ECO options for your new bespoke piece today.