Chaise of the Week #83

Chaise of the Week #83

Paprika Modern Chaise Longue

In this weeks’ feature have a fantastic statement piece, which not only looks good, but is also a practical piece of furniture. The Modern Chaise Longue in Wemyss Hutton Paprika has stain resistant technology built in and comes on medium oak splayed legs.

Wemyss Hutton

Hutton represents the newest addition to Wemyss’s FibreGuard collection, blending superior, stylish fabrics with innovative stain-resistant technology. Maintenance is a breeze—simply use soap and water! With a palette exceeding 30 hues, ranging from vibrant warm shades like Paprika to refined neutrals, Hutton by Wemyss is a stellar option for your upholstery needs.

Ideal Place for Your Chaise Longue

To discern the most fitting locale for your chaise lounge, commence by contemplating its intended use. Do you envisage yourself ensconced with a tome, engrossed in television, or indulging in siestas? Your envisioned usage will steer you toward the optimal placement.

Reading Nook

Should you yearn for a tranquil reading sanctuary, seek out a serene niche by a window or a secluded corner, distanced from the bustling zones of your abode. Ensure there is ample illumination, perhaps from a nearby lamp, to avoid ocular strain while perusing your favourite literature.

TV Room

For aficionados of cinematic experiences, orient your chaise to face the television. This configuration allows for comfortable viewing without necessitating any awkward neck contortions. However, be cautious to position the chaise lounge in such a manner that it does not obstruct the screen when reclined. A slight angling to the side can maintain an unobstructed view.

Snug / Alcove

If repose and naps are your primary intent, seclusion becomes paramount. Nestle your chaise into a snug alcove, perhaps draping it with curtains to evoke a sense of privacy, or select a spot removed from the home’s main thoroughfares to ensure undisturbed tranquillity.

By Jon Peacock