Chaise of the Week #71

Chaise of the Week #71

Luxurious Leather: Shelly Modern Chaise

Taking centre stage as Chaise of the Week we have the pleasure in presenting this exquisite Modern Medium Chaise upholstered in the luxurious Crest Shelly leather with ebony round tapered legs. With its hardwood frame, steel sprung seat and high-quality fillings this chaise lounge is not only comfy, but will look great for many years to come. For those with a penchant for contemporary design, this modern leather chaise longue offers sleek lines, minimalistic silhouettes, and sumptuous textures. This statement piece effortlessly become the focal point of any room, exuding a sense of sophistication and refinement.

Crest Shelly Leather

This vibrant European leather range with over 30 colours has been produced with a pigmented topcoat and embossed with an attractive grain print to enhance its character. Providing outstanding durability and stain resistance, Shelly is a multipurpose leather and suitable for all types of upholstery including heavy duty applications.

The Allure of a Leather Chaise Longue

When it comes to furniture materials, leather has an undeniable appeal. Leather chaise lounges exude a timeless elegance that instantly elevates the ambiance of any room. The rich, supple texture of leather provides a luxurious seating experience, making these pieces both comfortable and visually stunning. Whether you prefer a classic or contemporary style, there’s a leather chaise lounge to suit your taste.

Modern Sophistication

In a world where style meets comfort, the Shelly Modern Chaise reigns supreme. From its opulent Crest Shelly leather upholstery to its sleek ebony legs, every detail exudes sophistication and luxury. Embrace the allure of leather chaise longues and elevate your space with this exquisite piece of furniture. Whether you’re lounging in style or entertaining guests, the Shelly Modern Chaise is sure to leave a lasting impression.

By Jon Peacock