Chaise of the Week #70

Chaise of the Week #70

Crafted Luxury:The Harris Tweed Reading Chaise

For the 70th incarnation of Chaise of the Week, we’re delighted to highlight this stunning Reading chaise in luxurious Harris Tweed 100% wool. This handcrafted chaise lounge, built for comfort using premium materials is perfect for the corner of your reading nook or home office. 


The History of Harris Tweed

In 1846, Lady Dunmore, widow of the landowner of Harris, the Earl of Dunmore, had their clan tartan replicated by Harris weavers in tweed. The results proved so successful that she began to devote much time and effort to marketing the tweed to her wealthy friends further afield. The result of this sales of the island cloth were soon established with merchants across the country and to this day are renowned across the globe. Interesting fact - Harris Tweed cloth is the only fabric in the world governed by its own Act of Parliament and the only fabric produced in commercial quantities by truly traditional methods.


A Chaise Longue with Quality at its Core

Underpinning any good piece of upholstered furniture is the frame and other components that give the piece its strength, comfort and longevity. With its traditionally made hardwood frame, to the steel sprung seats, the Reading chaise longue is not only comfortable but will also stand the test of time. 

By Jon Peacock