Chaise of the Week #63

Chaise of the Week #63

Velour Indigo Velvet Chaise: Bedroom Elegance 

Under the spotlight for this week’s Chaise of the Week we have the perfect accompaniment for your bedroom with this Backless Chaise Longue in Velour Indigo velvet. Add a touch of elegance and adorn your bedroom with this luxurious soft velvet chaise lounge.


Luxurious Velvety Comfort

Immerse yourself in unparalleled softness with the Velour Indigo velvet upholstery. The fabric is not just a visual delight but also a tactile experience, promising a cocoon of comfort as you recline on this exquisite backless chaise.

Elegance for Your Bedroom

The rich indigo hue of the velvet exudes elegance, adding a regal touch to your bedroom decor. Let the colour palette of your sanctuary speak volumes about your refined taste and penchant for luxurious living.

Why Choose a Backless Chaise?

Versatility in Design

Unlike traditional chaises, the backless design of this velvet chaise offers versatility in placement. Position it against a wall or at the foot of your bed – the choice is yours. This flexibility makes it a perfect fit for any bedroom layout.

Space-Saving Brilliance

Optimise your bedroom space without compromising on style. The backless design ensures that this chaise seamlessly integrates into your room, making it a functional and aesthetic addition without overwhelming the space.


Our Velvet Backless Chaise Longue stands as the epitome of bedroom luxury. From its meticulously crafted hardwood frame to the sumptuous Velour Indigo velvet upholstery, every detail is curated to enhance your living experience. Elevate your space, redefine comfort, and make a statement with this perfect blend of style and substance. Choose indulgence; choose sophistication; choose our Backless Chaise Longue for a bedroom that reflects your distinct taste.

By Jon Peacock