The Chaise Longue Co

Here at The Chaise Longue Company we have been hand-crafting furniture for over ten years supplying to the public, trade and even television.  Here you can browse our exclusive   range of furniture from chaise-longues and sofas, to chairs and ottomans. Each and every one of our pieces is hand-made to the highest standard using the best of both modern and traditional upholstery techniques, and we use where possible, sustainable materials such as FSC marked wood for our frames and legs.  We have selected some of the worlds leading fabric houses to give an extensive choice of fabrics and leathers, over numerous price ranges, to allow customers to create thier own individual piece of furniture to suit both their home and budget

The Chaise Longue Company use 21st century design and manufacturing techniques to give their clients an infinite choice when they create  one-off piece of furniture, whilst ensuring they receive the highest level of customer service.

A bit of history.....

The unfamiliar-looking spellinɡ of chaise longue (‘long chair’ in French) has led many people to interpret it as the more English chaise lounge. This is regarded as an error in British English but is a common and accepted variant in US English.

The characteristic blend of chair and day bed originated in Ancient Egypt in the days of the Pharaohs, providing a model for later designs. Ancient Greek art depicts gods and goddesses lounging in this type of chair, and ancient Mexico and Africa have also had their own versions of the chaise.

The French chaise longue appeared in the 16th century with a design that featured four legs and a back rest for reclining on the back rather than the side. These early chaise longues were often made of curved wood, wooden caning or rattan. In England the chaise longue was found in wealthy households, used by women to rest during the day without having to go to their bedrooms.