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Here at The Chaise Longue Company we
have a certain belief about how furniture
should be manufactured in the modern day.
We believe that good quality, handmade
furniture, manufactured from sustainable
sources, where possible, should not cost the
We allow you to pick any of our pieces with
any of our fabrics (you can even supply your
own), and then complete the furniture with
any of our legs which can be finished in
almost any colour available. This means you
really do get to create your very own person-
alised one-off piece of furniture, as indi-
vidual as its owner.
The Chaise Longue Company
Our team pride themselves on providing a
prompt and personal service right from
the second you request a brochure through
to delivery. If you are tempted by what
you see in this brochure please do not hesi-
tate to call us on (01482) 222306 or email
our team at
Every item is made to order so it can be as
individual as its owner.